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Your property from the onset will be treated with professionalism, with great care and personal attention shown at all times. We know that it is very important to work very closely with both the Landlord and Tenants, keeping a good working relationship with both at all times. Landlords can feel rest assured that all potential tenants will be thoroughly credit and reference checked through a third party.  We can provide details on available insurance products for Landlords. 

Full colour particulars will be circulated to all potential tenants on our mailing list and if required accompanied viewings on your property. Once a potential Tenant confirms his/her interest in the property a full vetting programme begins, which, the Tenant has to pay for. We encourage the Landlord to meet with the Tenant before vetting begins, to give his/her full consent. We will provide a full schedule of condition, including colour images, of the property and to include a copy of the meter readings. This is to be included within the initial fee, so will be at no extra cost to the Landlord. The equivalent of one months deposit along with the first months rent will be collected in advance from the Tenant. All deposits within 14 days will be placed in a Custodial Tenancy Deposit Scheme as is now required by law. A full and comprehensive Tenancy will be prepared before the commencement of any Tenancy, and signed by Landlord, Tenants and Agent
(if so required). The original copy will be kept at the offices of Tracey Heard Lettings and Property Management, with a photocopy to be kept in a safe place by both Landlord and Tenant. Once a Tenancy begins, both Landlord and Tenant are made to feel free to contact us as the Agent at any time during the Tenancy.

Tracey Heard Lettings and Property Management
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